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Project support on all steps

We offer our clients the service to support them before, during and after a project. This includes support for quotation, contract, delivery, customs clearance, installation, commissioning and escalation management


Experienced in all areas

We have over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing and brewery industries. Our team is experienced in procurement, supply chain management and process engineering


Wide network

We work together with several reliable partners. If we can’t help you, we will find a suitable partner which is trust full and reliable.

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Our services


We offer professional and experienced translations into the Russian language for the technical and legal area. Through our experience we can help you with quotations and contracts.

Project support

We offer man power who will support your business on site without linguistic and cultural barriers. By using this service, you will avoid unnecessary problems, fast support for your clients and save money.


We offer the possibility to represent your company and your products on the Russian speaking market. Through daily contact with clients, we can have daily request for supplier and products. Interested in raising your sales? Just contact us.

Regrooving rollers for mills

We are offering regrooving rollers for mills for the Russian market. If you are interested in our products just contact us and we gladly answer all your questions.

Your direct contact into the eastern market

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About us

We are a young company with over 15 years of experience in all areas of business regarding manufacturing, supply chain, sales and project management. We help small and middle technological companies to make successful business on the Russian speaking market. We connect the world in the b2b section and lead business to success by solving problems with professional support.


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Engineering Development Center
Contact Person: Alexander Firsov
Phone: +7-985-784-43-81